Defining Different Types of Steaks

Picture this: You check the weekend forecast and see the weather will provide nothing but sunshine. How do you celebrate a beautiful day? With a family barbecue, of course! You realize you’re missing one key ingredient for a cookout: the meat. You know you want to spoil everyone with a steak dinner, but what are the key differences in certain steaks and which are best suited for you? Check out these different types of steaks to see which is perfect for you and your family to start grilling.



Trying to find a steak that is juicy, rich and full of flavor? Look no further than the rib-eye. Also referred to as the cowboy steak, it can be ordered as bone-in or boneless and is known for its tenderness. Season this steak however you choose, place it on the grill, and get ready for a flavorful meal.

New York Strip


If a strong flavor is an important factor to you when indulging in the perfect steak dinner, then the new york strip is for you. Served boneless or bone-in, this fairly tender steak is known as a popular classic and is enjoyed by many who are looking for well-marbled meat to cook and enjoy on the grill.



Always bought boneless, this steak is less marbled than a strip or rib-eye and is, in turn, a lot more tender than the others. This steak is very lean and subtle with flavor.Also known as a filet or filet mignon, this particular steak is often served with bacon wrapped around it to complement its lean, but buttery flavor.



Searching for a steak to slice thin and marinate? You’ve found the perfect one! Flank steaks are lean, boneless and packed with flavor. It is delicious to grill, but also tasty when mixed with veggies in a stir-fry.

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