Honest Beef


"Honest Beef" - Raised on Our Farm & Delivered to Your Front Door!

Grandpa Bateman’s vision for producing beef that is clean and raised ethically has been embraced by our family since 1972. We take pride in maintaining a completely sustainable farm with innovative ideas that are centered around an old-fashioned concept.

Our cows graze in beautiful green fields which we pride ourselves in maintaining. The “green concept” of the farm in its entirety brings us to the forefront of producing superb meat!

What is “Honest Beef?”

Our cows are nurtured and lovingly respected with a whole lot of coddling! A happy cow is a healthy cow. Honest beef is clean and free from antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals. Everything from the grass the cow eats to the cow itself is closely monitored and cared for.

Store-bought Beef vs. Independent Craft Beef

Consumers have no idea what is hiding in the meat they purchase in the store.

Store-Bought Beef

●     Contains antibiotics because of the dirty conditions the cows are raised in.

●     Half of store beef contains staph bacteria.

●     70% of store beef is treated with carbon monoxide to retain pink coloring.

●     Almost all store ground beef comes from retired dairy cows.

“Honest Beef” (Mosida’s Craft Beef)

●     No antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals

●     All natural

●     Grass-fed, corn-finished to produce beautiful marbling and butter texture.

●     Has a very clean taste that is incomparable to store meat.

Buttery Meat You Won’t Forget!

You will find that once you have tried our beef, there will be no going back to the cellophane-wrapped store meat.

Your taste buds will never forget the first bite of one of our beautifully marbled steaks or hamburger patties.

Contact us to deliver straight to your front door!

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