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Our Story

The farm in Elberta, Utah that Mosida Meats calls home did not start with the vast acreage and cows you’ll find there today. Back in 1972, when Wayne and Colleen Bateman started out, the farm you see today was just starting out.

The only thing that made the Bateman farm different than the other family farms of the time was Grandpa’s commitment to sustainable innovation.

Since its beginning, that small dairy became a good sized dairy, and expanded to include Mosida Meats.


True to Grandpa’s word, we’ve implemented new technologies as it became meaningful to do so. Now we also offer more than just dairy, delivering delicious local beef straight to your Utah home. 
Contact details
6725 S 13650 W, Elberta, UT 84626
Telephone: (801) 888-6711